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Posted in DTRT by wearedtrt on 2009/12/03

Advertising Forecasts

Sweden: Outdoor advertising prices up in 2010

Dagens Media, 03 Dec 2009, p.38:-

Even though turnover of outdoor advertising has fallen by 15% so far in 2009, the two major operators on the market JCDecaux and Clear Channel are both planning to raise prices in 2010. JCDecaux will raise prices of road advertising only to a small extent, but its prices of Eurosize adverts will be raised by 3%. Clear Channel will raise the price of road advertising by 3%, but not change other prices. Outdoor advertising is likely to continue declining in 2010, but only by 0.1%, according to a forecast by IRM.
in Swedish

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Advertising Market Trends

UK: Search and comparison site ads more effective than social media

New Media Age , 02 Dec 2009, online:-

According to a report by Mintel, ads on search and comparison websites are more likely to influence consumers than ads on social networks, with 54% of consumers saying they are more likely to pay attention to ads on search engines. Price comparison sites followed with 43%, with social networks and email lagging behind with 28% and 22% respectively. The report also revealed differences between men and women, with 47% of women paying attention to ads on social networks, compared with 41% of men, while 36% men have seen ads around video on-demand (VoD) content, compared with 27% of women.
Link to original article in English

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Italy: In-store advertising showed a growing trend in H1 2009

Largo Consumo, 01 Sep 2009, 86:-

In-store advertising at large retail chain operators, saw a growing trend in Italy in the first half of 2009, and acquired major clients, such as Infostrada, Visa, and ENEL. Italy’s leading agency for in-store advertising, AdSolutions, saw a 60% increase year-on-year in its April revenues, to EUR 50mn (USD 75.38mn), while its peer Zenith Optimedia reported an increase of 25% in its in-store advertising.

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