Sammanfattning av lunchseminariet om kreativitet

Posted in DTRT, Nyttigt tips by wearedtrt on 2010/01/28

Den indiske professorn, Ramnath Narayanswamy, är verksam på Indian Institute of Management i Bangalore. Här är en sammanfattning från hans seminarie om hur man får fram sin maximala kreativa potential under titeln –  Unbundling Creative Potential.

Allt som inte är standard är kreativt!

Det finns, enligt Ramnath Narayanswamy, tio gyllene regler att hålla sig till för att skapa så hög kreativ potential som möjligt:
1. Learning to became a child, without being childish Receive the world every day like a child does.
2. Developing a childlike approach to learning not impeded by either ego, identity or fears.
3. Combining roles, functions and domains in their simultaneity.
4. Our capacity to institutionalize doubt – and accept being challenged.
5. Liberating ourselves from the motion that we base our futures on our past. Lev alltid i nuet!
6. Defining North Star by deriving energy from appreciative enquiry and deep questioning!
7. Viewing past successes as impediments to the future!
8. Breaking the image we have of ourselves because it is this precisley image that puts us on autopilot Du har massor av potential, men utnyttjar bara en liten del – utnyttja hela din potential!
9. Having a courage to be vulnerable by acknowledging what we do not have.
10. Disabling the roots of our core incompencies.

Tappa inte din energi. Gör du det så se det som en väckarklocka att något är fel.

What is globalization?
The point is not to eliminate differences, but how to unite by keeping differences intact!
Rabindranath Tagore

En sammanfattning av sammanfattningen:

Kreativitet finns hos alla. Men den måste underhållas.
Kom ihåg: It is a great blessing to be childlike.
Every day is an exciting day. Explore. When growing to adults we tend to kill the child inside.

”We know it all.”

People have always a right to change. We need to make this world a better place. Why? Because we can always do things better. When you give up learning, you are dead. Disrespect is not wrong. Why? Then we try to make it better. Therefor we should respect the rebellions.

Think new. Use meditation.

Communication can be affected only when addressed to the heart!



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